Daily Scrum

daily scrum
daily scrum

The development team have one ceremony for them to plan works for the next 24 hours : the daily scrum. It’s very important for the team to be aligned on the sprint progression.

For this ceremony, you could find another names : daily meeting, stand-up meeting…

Objectives of the daily scrum

The daily scrum aims to be transparent on sprint progression inside the development team:

  • what we have done these last 24 hours
  • what we try to do the next 24 hours
  • Did we have impediment these last 24 hours

For the development team, this ceremony will help it to reduce the potential complexity of the sprint. How ?

  • find a colleague to work with me (or help me)
  • rest focus on the sprint goal
  • better anticipate the increment that would be deliver

How to do the daily scrum

The development team will do this ceremony every day at the same moment; in fact, it will be easier for its members to be better organized . The daily scrum have to time-box to 15 minutes (more should be not productive).

Each development team member will tell:

  • What did I do since the last daily that helped the development team meet the sprint goal?
  • What will I do until the next daily to help the development team meet the sprint goal?
  • Do I had any impediment that risk to avoid to meet the sprint goal?

Some teams do this ceremony stand-up in front of the scrum board.

Behaviors to avoid in daily scrum

Daily too long

The development team don’t have to take more than 15 minutes for the ceremony; in fact, if the development team need more, this ceremony would not be productive. 

The objective of the daily scrum is the alignment of the development team on the sprint progression but not to detail everything. If some team members need to have more details on one of the topic, they will meet together after this ceremony.

No reporting

This ceremony is not a reporting ceremony. So, the managers and the product owner wouldn’t be in this ceremony.

Useful link: Daily Scrum : comment bien la réaliser ? (FR)

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