Sprint review

sprint review

Sprint review in sprint closing

Sprint review is the ceremony that the scrum team performs in sprint closing to inspect the Increment and adapt the Product Backlog if needed. This ceremony is not just a classic demonstration to show how the product is at the end of the sprint.

sprint in scrum
sprint in scrum

The scrum team and the stakeholders will analyse what was done during the sprint.

To work well with Sprint review, it is essential to take the time. We talk about 1 to 2 hours for a 2 weeks sprint and 2 to 4 hours for a 4 weeks sprint. The scrum master will ensure that the team really do this ceremony and understand the goals.

Collaborate about the product backlog

Often forgotten, during this ceremony, the scrum team (even the product owner) will present all changes done on the product backlog. Then, the scrum team and the stakeholders will collaborate to define which items will have more value to do while the next sprint.

This ceremony is not a status meeting ! The team will have to try to obtain the feedback about the last increment of the product and foster collaboration.

The conduct of the sprint review

The product owner will invite the stakeholders to meet the scrum team for each sprint review.

1/ Review the done items

The product owner will present all the items that are done then all the items that are not finished during the sprint. He will explain if the sprint goal is reached or not.

If the development team met troubles during the sprint, it will explain them and how it solve them.

2/ Keep the feedbacks

The development team will show the product including all the done items. It will keep the feedbacks of the product owner and the stakeholders.

It’s very important to keep the feedback to improve the product every time. It’s possible to write the new items in the backlog during this sprint review.

3/ The continuation of the project 

The product owner will talk about the product backlog, the delivery dates based on progress to date. Then, the scrum team and the stakeholders define the interesting input for the next sprints ; they have to take into consideration :

  • potential market changes
  • uses of the product
  • timeline
  • budget
  • potential capabilities

The sprint review change the product backlog

A lot of team forget that, but this ceremony will revise the content of the product owner and its orderly. If the product backlog is the same before and after the sprint review, there is an issue.

If the next sprint backlog is not defined in whole, the team have an idea of its content at the end of the sprint review

Useful link: La Sprint Review (french)



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