Sprint retrospective

sprint retrospective
sprint retrospective

Sprint retrospective is the ceremony that the scrum team performs in sprint closing to inspect the the functioning of the team and to create a plan for improvements during the next weeks. The team do this ceremony just after the sprint review.

sprint in scrum
sprint in scrum

To work well with Sprint retrospective, it is essential to take the time. We talk about 1 to 2 hours for a 2 weeks sprint and 2 to 3 hours for a 4 weeks sprint. The scrum master will ensure that the team really do this ceremony and understand the goals.

The goals of the sprint retrospective

The team will do the sprint retrospective to:

  • Inspect how the last sprint went about
    people, relationships, processes and tools
  • Identify each good and bad elements during the sprint and define
    potential improvements
  • Create a plan to implement improvements defined just before

It’s really important that the scrum master help the team to find the way to improve its organization, its framework, its process. It can change the definition of “done” at this moment to improve the quality of the product.

We consider that the objectifs are reached if the team has defined the improvements to apply as soon as the next sprint. But this ceremony doesn’t prohibit the team to try to improve their functioning every time.

What is the format to use?

Scrum never explain how to animate a ceremony even if the authors try to guide the scrum team. So the following of this article is not “scrum” but it’s often the most popular kind of doing.

Usually, the scrum team do a very friendly workshop to mix : good atmosphere, confidence, achievement of objectives. It’s really important that each member of the team can express himself in total confidence.

You can find a list of these kind of workshop here : retrospectives blog

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