Increment in scrum

increment in scrum
increment in scrum

The scrum increment represents all of the “done” elements of the current sprint in addition to those already finalized in previous sprints.

Increment definition

Indeed, as I said in the introduction, it corresponds to:

  • the set of items “done” of the progress sprint
  • the set of the old increments of the precedent sprints

We consider “done” all items that meet 100% of the definition of done.

Thus everything in the increment is publishable in production (not to mention the possible strategy of the product owner on the product deliveries).

Here is a small picture that could help you better understand:

increment in scrum
increment in scrum

The responsibility of the production team

There is often confusion on this point. The Product Owner doesn’t validate the items. Only the development team is responsible for verifying that all items are “done”.

Moreover, the development team will present the increment during the sprint review. This is the one that will provide quality feedback to constantly feed the product:

  • new features
  • prerequisites
  • new functions
  • fixed
  • improvements

According to the scrum guide, the definition of done refers to the increment and not the items; however, all teams prefer to do the definition of done on the items directly.

Useful link: Incrément en scrum

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