What is scrum?


Scrum is a light agile framework become very popular in the IT domain. It is used for:

  • developing
  • delivering
  • sustaining complex products

This framework created by Ken Schwaber at the early 90s. It writes the scrum guide (rule of the game) with Jeff Sutherland in 2010 to purpose a simple book to explain what is this framework. You can download it free on Internet: PDF version.

Definition of Scrum

Scrum is a light agile framework that defines only the frame; the team have to define themselves the details (practices, elements…) to complete this frame.

it defines:

The team have to choose the best way to do these ceremonies and to manage these artefacts. This framework give only the rules that the team have to apply but never explain how to apply them. And it’s the reason why scrum is a fantastic framework.

If you want to know more about theses rules, don’t hesitate to click on the links above. This blog exists for helping you to understand all the rules.

Be careful with the wrong informations

The scrum guide is really easy to read: just 19 pages. But a lot of team have never read this book… And we see  many teams don’t respect the real rules. The reason is simple: a lot of content in internet (blog, video…) about scrum are wrong. So, you have to understand that this framework is hard to master.

A lot of team use this framework like an update of the v-model; but this framework and its mindset is totally different with the v-model. Take the time to read this blog or the scrum guide to really understand what the rules of this framework are.

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