Scrum Master in the development team?

scrum master in the dev team
scrum master in the dev team

A lot of people want to know if a scrum master is in the development team. It’s a very interesting question because the answer is not so simple.

Scrum Master in the development team?

What the scrum guide tell us?

This blog is 100% scrum guide so let see what the scrum guide explain about this topic.

The Product Owner and Scrum Master roles are not included in this count unless they are also executing the work of the Sprint Backlog.

scrum guide (development team part)

Indeed, in a classic organization, the scrum master is not included in the development team. But if the scrum master work on the sprint backlog, he become one member of this development team. So, it’s not excluded by scrum.

Which role the scrum master could have in this team?

Sometime, we can see one of the developer taking the scrum master role. But is it a good practice?

No because, it’s impossible to be a good scrum master if this person don’t take sufficient time to do this role; it’s more true for the beginner teams. And the scrum guide is more subtle with this sentence above. But, indeed, it’s possible to have a lot of interpretation with this sentence…

If someone explain: “the scrum master could develop a feature”… It’s complicated to contradict this interpretation. So the agile coach could advice to avoid this mix between scrum master role and developer… But can’t say: the scrum guide is clear, it’s prohibited.

In some companies, the scrum master do the daily reporting, help the team to remove the impediments… We can consider these works like a work on the sprint backlog.

If the scrum master is in the development team, what changes?

Indeed, it’s not harmless! The scrum master have to be an actor during the product backlog refinement, the sprint plannings, the reviews and the daily scrum.


So, it’s possible that the scrum master is one member of the development team. The scrum guide is evasive on his possible involvement; so the interpretation of this sentence up to you.

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