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What is scrum?

Scrum is a light agile framework become very popular in the IT domain. It is used for: developing delivering sustaining complex products This framework created by Ken Schwaber at the early 90s. It writes the […]

product backlog refinement
Scrum practices

Product backlog refinement

The Product backlog refinement (formerly called backlog grooming) allow to refine the product backlog. A lot of scrum team create a special ceremony for that but it’s not a mandatory in scrum. Product backlog refinement […]

increment in scrum
Artefacts scrum

Increment in scrum

The scrum increment represents all of the “done” elements of the current sprint in addition to those already finalized in previous sprints. Increment definition Indeed, as I said in the introduction, it corresponds to: the […]

sprint backlog
Artefacts scrum

Sprint backlog

The sprint backlog is the set of items that were selected at the start of the sprint to achieve them during the sprint following the sprint objective. Sprint backlog definition As I explained in the […]


Sprint review

Sprint review in sprint closing Sprint review is the ceremony that the scrum team performs in sprint closing to inspect the Increment and adapt the Product Backlog if needed. This ceremony is not just a […]