product backlog
Artefacts scrum

Product Backlog

The product backlog is one of the main artefacts in scrum. It represents all the list of the things what we want to do to increment the product. The main rules of the product backlog […]

daily scrum

Daily Scrum

The development team have one ceremony for them to plan works for the next 24 hours : the daily scrum. It’s very important for the team to be aligned on the sprint progression. For this […]

definition of done - dod
Artefacts scrum

Definition-of-done (dod)

In scrum, it’s important that the entire team aligns with what is considered “done”. The team will define its “Definition of Done”. La Definition of Done (Dod) The development team will define together all the […]

sprint planning

Sprint planning

Sprint planning in sprint opening Sprint Planning is the ceremony that the scrum team performs in sprint opening to frame the sprint that starts. Starting the development without preparing the work upstream, will make the sprint […]

scrum master

Scrum Master

Let see what is really a scrum master in the scrum team. This role in scrum is often misunderstood. In a scrum team, we have 3 different roles : product owner scrum master development team […]