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The place where we provide the official classes in Singapore

Why Scrum Singapore

Official training material

We make sure that our course materials are always up-to-date to the latest standards

No PowerPoint

We don’t believe in boring slideshows, so instead, we’ve redesigned our courses into small workshops to increase fun, interaction¬†and maximum learning! Trainers

Our courses are always given by licensed trainers with on-going experience from the trenches.

Our partners in crime

Our partners are all part of the Professional Training Network (PTN) which consists of a group of organisations that has officially recognised as providers of training. trainers work with PTN members to deliver Professional Scrum training and abide by the high quality standards of

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. Within this framework, people can address complex adaptive problems incrementally and iteratively to the highest possible value. Scrum is simple to understand but difficult to master. Scrum Singapore is here to help you succeed with scrum.
We provide online & in-person training as we believe eduction is the best way to change someone's mindset. Our mission is to improve the profession of product delivery in Singapore.


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Upcoming classes in Singapore

Scrum Singapore is one of the few companies in the world licensed to teach all the officially classes. If you have a special request, feel free to send us a request through chat or

13-14 April 2023

27-28 May 2023

8-9 July 2023

22-23 July 2023

29-30 July 2023

26-27 August 2023

16-17 September 2023

14-15 October 2023