Hey there, welcome to the home of Scrum Singapore. How’s it going? So, since you’ve landed here, we’re guessing you’re all about diving into the world of Scrum Singapore, aren’t you? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot because this is exactly where you need to be. Let’s get this Scrum party started! 🚀

Founded in 2022, Scrum Singapore may be youthful in age, but its origins stretch back to the dynamic year of 2005 where its founder Chee Hong Hsia, a licensed Scrum.org trainer started helping organisations deliver more value while undergoing a Scrum transformation.

Aligned as partners with Scrum.org, we proudly stand as Singapore’s exclusive hub for transformative training. As trailblazers, we are the pioneering and solitary company dedicated to delivering Scrum.org’s principles to Singapore’s dynamic landscape. On the world stage, we proudly hold the distinction of being one of the select few organisations authorised to comprehensively teach the entire spectrum of Scrum.org’s acclaimed course curriculum.

Our mission is to help you, your teams, and your organisation deliver more value with Scrum. An easy statement with a lot of hidden complexity. 

Meet Our trainers

Sanjay Singh Raway

Sanjay is an experienced Scrum Trainer with 15 years of IT Services and consulting experience, working in both Defense, private and public sectors. Sanjay is passionate about instigating change through his storytelling, coaching and training abilities.

Sanjay has trained 1000+ people in Scrum and Kanban and co-led Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Automotive Industries by training and providing structure, reengineering business processes and policies, and enabling a learning culture.

He is a licensed Leadership Circle Profile Facilitator and earned an Expert credential in Enterprise Coaching from ICAgile.

Ziryan Salayi

Ziryan is an Agile professional, and scrum.org certified Professional Scrum Trainer and passionate about getting the most out of people and teams. Helping organisations and individuals to become more agile, customer-oriented, and creating high-performing teams has become his mission over the years. He aims to help people to be fully empowered and support self-organisation. Ziryan believe in stimulating and enabling continuous improvement and am experienced in working in cross-cultural and virtual teams. Being part of international companies has allowed him to develop his social and intercultural communication skills further over the past twelve years.

He is owner of Ziryan Consulting, co-owner of Scrum Facilitators and The Cultivators and the co-founder of Scrum Professionals. 

Chee Hong Hsia

Chee Hong is a Dutch-born Singaporean Scrum.org trainer and one of the few globally vetted to teach all the scrum.org official courses. He learned Scrum from Jeff Sutherland in 2006 and has used it since. 

He is a freelance Agility Consultant & ICF Coach with over 15+ years of experience in helping individuals, teams and organisations deliver more value while going through an agile transformation. His experience comes from working with numerous organizations in Europe and Asia. He helps and coaches scrum teams, middle management and C-level executives in the art of servant leadership, empirical thinking, bottom-up intelligence, the power of self-organization, and evidence-based management and validate-learning. 

As a licensed Scrum trainer, he combines his two passion: Scrum & travelling. In 2011 he founded and started travelling worldwide to meet other experts and teach professional Scrum. During his travels, he facilitates professionals on a journey of discovering the underlying values and principles behind Scrum and challenges students to re-imagining the true potential of Scrum. He encapsulates all these experiences in his class while keeping it fun, engaging, and interactive.

Chee Hong is the founder of Scrum Singapore and co-founder of Scrum Facilitators and Scrum Professionals.